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Environmental Review Documents

Kings County Area Public Transit Agency (KCAPTA) is the Lead Agency under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for the proposed project identified. KCAPTA has prepared an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration to determine the environmental effects fo the proposed project and finds the issuance of a Mitigated Negative Declaration is the appropriate level of CEQA environmental review.

Appendix A1 Project Plan 2019-05-13 Modified Layout

Appendix A2 Preliminary Title Reports

Appendix B KART Site Selection Study

Appendix C1 Informational Meeting Notice

Appendix C2 Publication Affidavit and Tear Sheet

Appendix C4 Informational Meeting Powerpoint Presentation

Appendix C5 Information Meeting Sign-in Sheets

Appendix C6 Informational Meeting Blank Comment Card

Appendix C7 Informational Meeting Minutes

Appendix C8 Photos from Informational Meeting

Appendix C9 Public Comments

Appendix D Air Quality GHG Analysis

Appendix E Biological Resources Records Search

Appendix F KART Cultural Report

Appendix G Geotech Feasibility Report

Appendix H Paleo Records Search

Appendix I Final Phase

Appendix J Noise Report

Appendix K Traffic Report

Appendix L1 Fire Department

Appendix L2 Police Department

Appendix L3 Library

Appendix L4 Parks and Recreation

Appendix L5 HESD

Appendix L6 HJUHSD

Appendix Responses to comments report